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Easy-to-use online checklist builder
do more, better, faster

  • Create your own checklists and share them safely
  • Receive email updates from the field
  • Collect valuable data and insights as it happens
  • Assign Actions - don't just find it, FIX it

Key features
Create powerful checklists in no time
100% Mobile Compatible

Android, iOS & PWA.

Drag & Drop Form Builder

Create custom checklists in minutes.

Image Uploads

Capturing multiple photos at once.

Multi-Page Checklists

Section your long checklists for better response.

Conditional Logic

Simple or conplex logic. Control what fields your users see.


Let your checklists do the math/calculations for you.

Electronic Signatures

Collect signatures on any device.

Style your checklists

With a plethora of fonts and colors.

Website Embedding

One click embed into a website.


Everything your business needs to manage processes efficiently and get things done quickly & paper free. Our checklist builder gives you a intuitive interface, easy customization, templates and reporting. Check out these VIDEO tutorials below.

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Checklist Builder

How to create a simple checklist in just a few minutes

Using Templates

Kick Start your journey by using one of hundreds of professional templates


Easily theme your checklists to fit your corporate identity

Drag-n-Drop Checklist Builder

Build your checklists with just a few clicks

  • Multi-step Checklists
  • Data Validation
  • Capture Signatures and Photos
  • Embed Images and Video
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Theme Designer - Make it your own

Align your checklists with your corporate identity look and feel

  • Customize backgrounds, colors, spacing and fonts
  • Hundreds of beautiful typographies
  • Fully customizable
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A Quick and easy way of viewing, editing and deleting your checklist's submissions

  • Export to Excel
  • View sender information
  • Add notes or comments to each entry. Keep a converstation with your team.
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Instant Notification

Get e-mail notifications when a checklist is completed

  • Sent to multiple recipients
  • View pictures, signatures and file uploads
  • Design your own email layout
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Analyze data like a PRO

Analyze/view your data with 1 click. Build custom report views. Export to google spreadsheets.

  • Submission Management
  • Custom Reports
  • Data Export
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Configure workflows to save time

With dozens of integrations and countless ways to configure workflows, you can spend less time on tedious tasks and focus on more important things.

  • Integrations
  • Workflows
  • Branching & Logic
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FREE Mobile App

Capture your checklists from the convenience of your phone, anytime, anywhere

  • Android & iOS
  • Smartphone & Tablet
  • Easy & Convenient
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Hundreds of pre-built checklists

Choose one of our pre-built checklists across many industries

  • Save time
  • ISO Compliant
  • Ready to go with minimal effort
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Checklists in minutes

No skills required. Just drag and drop.

Conditional logic

Hide fields, perform math, format text and much more.

Mobile App

Convenient & fast. Use the mobile app, Android or iOS


Password protection, publish to selected mobile users, and more.

Email notifications

Receives real-time notifications based on checklist completion.

Collect payments

Securely and easily sell products and accept donations.

The app that saves you time and costs you less!

Gain unlimited access to unlimited checklists! No lock-ins, no contracts, simply use as you choose. Thousands of people around the world use TicTag to build useful checklists, save time, and be awesome. Now you can create smart, trackable todo lists with ease.

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